6.6 Million Tons of Essential Goods Unloaded Since March 20

Atotal of 6.6 million tons of essential goods have been unloaded at Iranian ports of entry since March 20 (the beginning of the current Iranian year), of which Imam Khomeini Port in the southern Khuzestan Province accounts for 4.1 million tons, says Ravanbakhsh Behzadian, a senior official with the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran.

Content code : 3231  |   Release date : Sunday, July 12, 2020

He added that 545,000 tons of essential goods have been imported through Iran’s only oceanic port, Chabahar, on the coast of the Sea of Oman in southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan Province since March 20. 
Imam Khomeini Port is the main hub for import of essential goods in Iran.
Also known as necessity goods, essential goods are products consumers will buy, regardless of changes in income levels.

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